Jack Prosser, Photography & Film

I'm a visual storyteller using photography, video and interactive technology to capture the detail in the movement in sports and performance art.

+44 7787751757

  • Peaks and troughs, and white froth. The chaos and order of canoeing with Eilidh Gibson at Lee Valley.

  • Lurking in the trees, unseen for a few, capturing the end of a seasons racing at the Reading Marathon Nationals.

  • Sunny and bright. Too close to be dry. Bobbing between the trees at the annual Richmond Marathon race.

  • Sat beneath the river side trees with the smell of rain drenched leaves. A little splash of summer rain as the clouds parted on an otherwise light day.

  • Breaking from an unsettled year. These summer days, are all too fleeting. Memories of a Cornish coast, dreaming of an open ocean.

  • Walking, finding peace in these new days dawning. There's more to this time if you're willing to rise early.

  • In riding a horse we borrow freedom.

  • Chop. Chop. Chop. Food colours away. Only the chef in motion.